Smart Checkpoint Solution

Smart Checkpoint Solution, for next generation security screening lanes, Nuctech’s Key-Line integrates a Kylin Ti or conventional X-ray screening system with an automated tray return system (ATRS) to quickly, accurately, and non-invasively screen cabin baggage.


Leveraging remote image analysis, management, system supervision, advanced auto sorting, and empty tray recognition allows operators to spend less time dealing with trays and more time focused on the screening process and passengers.

Technical features:

  • High compatibility with NuctechTM CT series or other X-ray inspection system

  • High throughput- enhance passengers travel experience

  • Modular design, length can be customized

  • High efficiency: automatic tray diversion, tray return, and empty tray recognition

  • Remote image analysis, management, and system supervision

  • Empty tray disinfection module: ultraviolet technology to disinfect tray returning channel

Nuctech’s Smart Checkpoint Solution Key-Line, is an ideal solution for airports for next generation cabin baggage screening. It speeds up passenger flows as no item will needed to be taken out from the baggage, which at the same time lowers the cost of airports. The flexible and customized design makes it fits different airports.