Production base

X-ray inspection systems manufactured in Poland

Nuctech Warsaw Company Limited Sp. z o.o. factory

All types of X-ray inspection systems and solutions offered by Nuctech Warsaw Company Limited Sp. z o.o. are manufactured in a modern factory located in Kobyłka, near Warsaw. Production building together with: warehouse, office part, social area and technical installations is one of the most modern factories in the region.


Mechanical and electrical assembly take place in the building, as well as the process of testing various types of X-ray scanners - vehicle, cargo and luggage inspection, including the innovative computer tomography (CT) technology.

In the accelerator workshop, calibration and testing of linear particle accelerators with energy up to 9 MeV are carried out. Later, they are used in cargo scanners final assembly process.  Tests and calibration of linear accelerators are performed in the accelerator testing room with specially designed reinforced concrete walls that absorb emitted X-rays.


Clean room is used for precise electronic assembly in controlled conditions. Electronic components are installed in rooms with strict air quality, humidity and temperature parameters. Tested and calibrated are used in final assembly of scanners.


Nuctech Warsaw Company Limited Sp. z o.o. ensures that all activities of the company carried out in the factory in Kobyłka, including work with ionizing radiation, do not increase the exposure of general public to this radiation and do not adversely affect the natural environment. Activities in field of usage of ionizing radiation are carried out based on the highest standards, in accordance with implemented Quality Assurance Program in field of radiation protection and under constant supervision of radiation safety officer.


The building has a social and office area arranged over three floors. Additionally, the plant has a recreational green area and a pond.