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NUCTECH™ LS1516BA Liquid Security Inspection System

NUCTECH™ LS1516BA is the top proven and successful machine used for the screening of liquids throughout the world, with hundreds of installations at airports, mass transit stations, critical infrastructures and big events, etc.

Working with the latest advanced dual-energy Computed Tomography (CT) technology, and combined with a creative and ergonomic design, the NUCTECH™ LS1516BA is capable of detecting flammable, explosive and erosive liquids a well as non-explosive precursors reliably, precisely, effectively, safely and economically.

NUCTECH™  LS1516BA meets the ECAC LEDS Type B standard 3 and Type C standard 2 for Liquid Explosive Detection System (LEDS).

Technical Features:

  • Identify liquids by 2-dimensional signature of atomic number and density.

  • Threat liquids library is extendable and customizable.

  • Screening liquids in commercial containers of any material and shape in non-intrusive way.

  • Efficient operating and minimal operator training expected with automatic analysis of threat liquids and friendly touch-screen user interface.

  • No consumables and routine calibrations required.