Personal screening

NUCTECH™ MW1000AA Body Inspection System

NUCTECH™ MW1000AA is a high-performance, efficient people screening solution. Without a physical "pat down", it can quickly screen passengers using safe millimeter wave (MMW) imaging technology and automatically detect concealed objects. It requires only a single stationary position during a two-second scan.

NUCTECH™ MW1000AA  features, high throughput and unique privacy protection. It is adaptable and suitable for personal security inspections for civil aviation, customs, transportation stations, government buildings, commercial buildings, military bases, events/meetings and other location requiring safety checkpoints.

Technical Features:

  • Active millimeter waves imaging technology. No emission of ionizing radiation.

  • Meets ECAC SSc. Type A Std. 1&2.

  • Complete a single inspection within 5 seconds.

  • Generic image displayed.

  • Effective detection of metal/non-metal weapons, explosives, liquids, narcotics, items concealed under clothing.

  • Easy to fit into most checkpoints.

  • Compatible with stand-alone operation, remote operation, mobile operation and an integrated solution.

Technical Features:

  • Stable, intelligent temperature measurement

  • High throughput without stopping

  • Accurate automatic temperature calibration

  • Throughput efficiency: 120 person/min

“FeverBlock” infrared face temperature screening system

“FeverBlock” infrared face temperature screening system combines infrared thermal imaging technology and visible light imaging technology into one, to fulfill non-contact, large scene real-time temperature measurement and screening. Based on deep learning, algorithms were developed and are capable of accurately locating the face position.

The system can be widely used for rapid body temperature screening. Can be used in various public places with large numbers of people, such as airports, subways, bus stops, ports, schools, hospitals, hotels, buildings, supermarkets, etc.