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Nuctech Warsaw Company Limited Sp. z o. o. specializes in production of X-ray inspection systems protected by the Nuctech trademark, as well as in sales, installation and service in Poland, Europe and neighboring regions.



Security at
border crossings

Vehicle and container inspection

Nuctech Warsaw Company Limited Sp. z o.o. is a global provider of cutting-edge security and inspection technologies that are specifically designed, so that we can cope with challenges that are present in today's world.


Globalisation and technological progress have made our societies increasingly integrated. Now, more than ever, governments and public authorities all over the world are facing common problems related to public security, risk prevention, counterterrorism, border control, drug repression, safety of transportation and freight, hazardous substance monitoring and epidemic control.

Recognising variety of human security threads and their rapid transformations, our company’s recipe for success is based on continuous research, development with uncompromising commitment to innovation and strong links to university communities.

Nuctech Warsaw Company Limited Sp. z o.o. outstanding reputation and international recognition as trusted supplier has been proven by its prestigious network of customers, including public and private organizations.